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Our Story

In both mainstream and independent entertainment, creators and narratives have become full of politics and virtue-signaling. And everyone else is feeling the pain — from parents and grandparents to book lovers of all genres, and countless others from all walks of life.

In 2020, our founder, Lenny Schas, decided to do something about it. Armed with a passion for storytelling that covers the full spectrum of entertainment media, he brought a team together to create game-changing content the whole family could enjoy. Just like that, Panopolis was born.

Today, Panopolis Publishing creates original content that puts story first and brings it to your inbox and doorstep. 

Why Panopolis Publishing?

Since 2020, our international team of artists, writers, creators, and marketers has been on a mission to create a unique selection of books, merchandise and online entertainment that celebrate the rich heritage of storytelling — both digitally and as physical products. 

We’re proud to have our first graphic novel, Always Ontime, include contributions from the late, legendary comics artist Neal Adams, as well as team members Rodney Ramos, Vito “Uiuo!” Santoiemma, Cristiano Cruz, Frank Reynoso, Steve Schneider, and Christine Arnold. 

Our team is led by Lenny Schas, a successful entrepreneur and creator whose passion for storytelling started over 40 years ago. Panopolis Publishing was inspired by Lenny’s dream project, Panopolis, a family-friendly digital world of entertainment in the making. 


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